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Sothink DHTML Menu 9.80

It allows you to easily create SE friendly JavaScript menus
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Sothink DHTML 9 is a drop down menu maker.
It easily creates cross-browser drop down menus in a visual edit mode.
The editor is pretty easy to use. It takes just a minute to make a nice drop down menu with nice graphics and cool behavior, and without write any single line of code.
The only bad thing is a border that surround the divs and the subitems that it cannot be erased. Another feature that is very useful is the search-engine friendly generator, you can see the generated code and it's a valuable feature.
The generated code results in a plane list, very cool.
The generated code make pretty difficult to maintain, many useless tables and many css styles embedded into the tags. These are bad practices and they are not recommended by experienced designers neither W3 Consortium.
If you want the css code to be compliant with css2/css3 specifications, you can't use it. Insert javascript calls or even integrate with other javaScript libraries like Mootools or ExtJS can be a headache too. Now, if you don't care this and want to make cool drop down menus fast and easy, this is the right tool.

Vanesa Paez
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  • Easy to use
  • Very cool effects


  • Very high cost
  • Many CSS code embedded into the tags
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